Day Thirty-eight:

Matthew Paul was baptized this afternoon in Dana Point.

Here Nicki holds up the boy wearing a 40s era baptism gown that was originally used for the baptism of her Uncle and has since been worn by Nicki and her brothers and all their kids, so it has much personal family significance.

Four years ago when Kate was baptized, she wore it as well.

We were a bit concerned though that Sparky might not fit into the gown.  He’s grown an amazing amount since he was born so it was a real concern.  Plus when we decided we were going to Africa in March, we had to hope that we could get him in for the baptism ceremony before we left so there was an additional incentive.

We grabbed the date having no idea that it would be on Super Bowl Sunday.

The timing could not have been better.  The baptism went well — there were  about 7 children to be baptized — and we got home in perfect time to watch the coin flip before the game.

Just an awesome day all around.


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