Day Thirty-one:

If yesterday was the day of Belle, today was the day of Bella.

She had her first birthday celebration today at the Avendale clubhouse.  She’s a little peanut and a sweetie, and it just seems hard to believe that I photographed her last February just after her birth.

Last night I had a pretty good idea that the birthday party would most likely give me the photo of the day.  Not that you like to coast or take it for granted, because that’s when you always see something that can be really good, too and you don’t have your camera.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing I’ve discovered about this blog is limiting it to one selected image for the day — some days I would like to make it my favorite five a day.  Though there have been days were there might be one only I would really care to share, so I suppose it evens out.

Today there were some sweet frames of Kate that I had never made before even in the house, so you just never know how the elements are going to line up on the day and the byproduct of the blog is that it is forcing me to continue to look and think about creating new photographs, even when I feel like “I’ve seen it before”.

Though today, that notion I had last night was right.  The photo of the day DID come from the birthday party.  Happy Birthday Bella!


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