Day Twenty-nine:

By the third set of “KaKaw KaKaw KaKaw” I finally woke up from my post lunch, carbohydrate – induced haze and spotted him up on the light fixture.

One of the Ladera crows and they’re just about everywhere around here.  In the morning we’ll see them (but usually hear them first) gather on an oak tree, or in the back alley (especially if it’s garbage day and they can “examine” the contents).

Coming from lunch with Robert, a friend and fellow photographer, I was a bit startled at the sound, and remembered that I had my camera on me.

I stopped by the car and raised the camera slowly, not wanting to startle the bird.  As the crow stayed put and I was framing, I envisioned what might happen if it were to take off and fly.  Just sitting there, making noise, was not really a photo.

But then it took off. Not exactly where I thought or even hoped it might go, but I really loved the wing span as it flew over to the light fixture in the next row, and away from some pesky photographer.


2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-nine:

    1. Hi Terri,

      Thanks so much for catching up…good to hear from you…I hope you’re getting a break from winter…it’s been a tough one there. We’re off to Africa tomorrow for a month (Nicki is S. African) and I’ve got a lot of film — can’t wait to use it! Best, Paul

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