Day Twenty-eight:

Toe to toe.

These two have known each other since they were newborns.  I remember Katie (the Mom) bringing Ben over to our house to meet Nicki as they became part of the Baby’s Club 2006.  He must have been all of a few weeks old at most.  Our Kate, perhaps two months older, also slept as the new Moms compared notes about this whole new world they were both experiencing. The notes are still being exchanged as the game is constantly changing.

Now they both are Moms twice over — Mom Kate’s little Abby is now almost two and changing right before our eyes.

This is what makes Ladera special.  The network of friends and Moms is tight — they might all meet at a park once, twice, even three times a week at the drop of a hat.  It’s kind of a bubble, and a bit of an anomaly.  While it’s a suburb it at times feels much more like a small town.  The architecture helps and the way the town is designed, too but it’s really more about the people and the kind of life they want to have here.

And we’re so glad to be here.


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