Day Twenty-six:

Rainbow sharebox day is always a huge day around this house.

The planning and anticipation began last Thursday after Kate was entrusted with the hallowed box.

What would she place in the box?  What would the three clues be that she would give to her fellow classmates to see who, if anyone, might guess?

Well, last Friday the odds on favorite for the item in the box was a DVD of the Barbie version of The Princess & The Pauper.  That thing must’ve played on the DVD last week since it was pouring with rain (and thus less outdoor stuff to do) I can’t guess how many times.  She’s actually singing the words and when she watches that DVD over at her buddy Marlee’s house, she’s actually reciting the lines (hmmm, I wonder where she gets that talent???).

But a darkhorse emerged on Saturday with the arrival via Netflix of one classic Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty.

Almost instantly that movie became the “new favorite” and by Monday the Barbie Princess and the Pauper was relegated to also-ran status, and SB was placed in the box.

Kate couldn’t wait to get to school today, to share the sharebox.  Racing to the car, and getting to the school  extra early (rare for us), she turned to me with a forlorn face and asked: “Where are my friends??”  Soon they started to arrive and she and her classmates had giggles and laughs as the lined up before heading in for a full morning of class (when Nicki can really get some things done around the office).

One of the kids guessed correctly Kate’s little surprise and she will no doubt be just as excited and thrilled the next time she gets the box.


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