Day Twenty-four:

She’s been talking about this birthday party for about a week.

Kate LOVES her cousin Robert, who had his birthday party at an ice skating rink in Westminster.  Even though he’s 10, he’s always been super kind to Kate and always lets her tag along without any kind of attitude or resentment.  Her other cousin Chris is the exact same way.  As a Dad it makes me feel really good to see the boys treat her so well.  And even though Robert was surrounded by family and friends, he made Kate and the baby feel right at home today.

Kate enjoyed the skating, but she’s certainly not used to the cold.  And her father (the Cheesehead, remember) who took the kids to the rink and the party while Mom had a brunch with the girls and then a movie, forgot to bring a heavy coat and gloves.

So as Kate was doing exercises up and down the rink pushing a small chair to help her balance, her teeth were chattering.  So Dad tried to recoup and draped his jacket on Kate, though I don’t think it really helped that much (except give me a photograph I really loved).


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