Day Twenty-three:

Sleep training has been a source of frustration around this house.

With Kate, she slept great during that first year, but at 18 months began to have dreams that would wake her.  We had to use a crib tent to keep her from climbing out.

Now Sparky is only 4 months old and he’s proving to have endurance and lungs like his sister.  This afternoon, trying to get him down for his two hour nap, we just had no luck.  He wouldn’t sleep and even though we went into the room to comfort him (we probably should not have), he would not close his eyes.

Thankfully he is sleeping through the night, or through most of the night, but it’s disconcerting that he won’t sleep as easily during daytime.

Here is him in his crib (which he’s almost outgrown — the bigger crib is coming out of storage this weekend) during what should have been his nap.


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