Day Twenty-one:

I faced a bit of an editing dilemma today.

This morning, as I took Kate to school, she was carrying her pink umbrella and I photographed her as she was chasing me to the car, much like she did in a recent blog post.

Both are vertical photographs, with out of focus elements of our alley visible in much of the frame,  though this one was a little bit different.  There was a bit more energy and excitement in this one and she held the umbrella off to the side.  Consider it “Kate With Umbrella in Alley, II”

Yesterday as we held the fort as California was besieged by rain, I looked through the window and began to play with the lights, shape and forms of the drops on the window with the camera.  I knew though yesterday the day would belong to The Boy being fed, but I was looking and scouting and thinking ahead.

Not that that type of photo is anything new, but shooting it with a 50 imposed some limits in terms of how close I could get to the drops.  In the past if I were doing that photograph of the drop details for a newspaper, I might use a macro lens to get even closer, and more graphic with the image.  But for this blog there are some limitations.

But that’s okay.  What that limitation forces me to do is to look for the shapes in the background and lines to help make the photograph interesting with hints of context (like the sweep of the tree in the background).  That is one of the things that makes the 50mm such a powerful lens (on a full frame camera).  With a large aperture it can almost throw the background out of focus (and also depending on how close you are to the subject), but it can often gives hints of detail.  If you were to use a telephoto like an 85mm lens, that background information would be gone, merely converted to highlights and shapes, but less of a sense of what might be making up that shape.

So because of the recent umbrella photograph on the blog, I opted today to post my graphic image of the rain highlighted on the patio door (made today 🙂 ).


One thought on “Day Twenty-one:

  1. My son Jeff Anderson told me I had to check out your photography – sharing as he does. Looking forward to seeing more – It must be wonderful to love your work. Gail

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