Day Twenty:

Today’s photo was given to me by my “photo editor” last night.

Getting back late from my trip to South Dakota, my wife Nicki informed me:  “Sparky is eating solids for the first time tomorrow morning.  That will be your Photo of the Day.”

Yes dear.

But she was right and I was glad I had the heads-up.

So just after 8 this morning, the boy got his first taste of food that was neither breast milk or formula.  And I don’t think he much cared for it.  And then this evening when Nicki tried to feed him the rice, he wasn’t too thrilled about that one either.  We finished his dinner this evening with formula and that did satisfy him.

We’re hoping that eating more solid foods (well, relatively solid, for a newborn) will help him sleep better and through the night.  He’s still fighting sleep and periodically will wake up crying for food, attention or perhaps both.

We sure know about that.

With the oldest, we once went through a looonnnnggggg night of “cry it out” sleep training.  Nine hours!  (“9 hours????”, said like Ferris Bueller’s mother.  Yes, 9 hours).  And I had a wedding the next day.

Of course she was a bit older when this episode happened (about 18 months and she was having nightmares that were waking her up) and had slept pretty much through the night as a newborn so it was startling when Sparky did not.  But it just drove home the point that each child is different, and boys are definitely different than little girls.  They tend to eat more, we’re told, and it’s proven to be true.

Now, hopefully he’ll begin to eat more of his rice porridge.  With the way he has grown in his four months, I am quite certain he’ll be woofing it down in no time.


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