Day Seventeen:

Andy got his deer today.

This afternoon, just before the sunset and before the cold really set in, Andy happened to notice a deer rustling in the cornfield. We were actually walking in to a tree stand a quarter mile further away for another try for a deer  using bow and arrow).

We had walked in no more than 50 yards from the truck when he saw the deer. Moments before he commented that he better get an arrow ready  in case we happened to spot one before we got to the stand. Sure enough, we did.

Hiding in the corn field about 15 yards from us was the deer.  Andy raised his compound bow, lined up the site (and there was just a tiny target to shoot through because of the corn), and was able to get the deer in the neck with the first arrow. The second arrow hit the chest.

This was the fourth deer that he had ever killed with a bow and he said it was the easiest one ever, and the closest.

Andy gutted the deer in the field, then took it home to hang before he’ll prepare it.  He took out the heart, too and set it aside for eating.  Upon arriving home he seasoned it and boiled it for three hours.

Just as I started to edit the images from today, he placed the heart meat down on a plate on the counter in front of me and his sons.

Prepared perfectly the meat was rich and tasty and amazingly tender. I was a bit reluctant to try it having never had it before. It was probably one of the most surprising things I have ever eaten.


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