Day Thirteen:

Contrary to a once popular song, it does rain in Southern California.  And lately, not really enough.

But today it did and we’ll take whatever we can get.  Plus I had a sense it would give me a photograph — whether it was a cool detail of a rain soaked leaf — or a little ballerina avoiding the rain.  (You would’ve laughed at my poor man’s rain cover today…just a hand towel draped around the camera and the top of the lens to try and prevent any kind of short circuit.  It actually did quite well for the brief time it was needed).

We bought this little Princess umbrella in early December when we were in Palm Desert and it rained for the first few days.  All things princess for Kate and even when it was sunny, she wanted to carry this thing.  Plus they don’t really come out of the womb knowing about the ages old superstition about opening an umbrella indoors.  That old umbrella never had a Disney princess on it, obviously.

And then later today Kate took out the paint brushes and proceeded to turn my wife into an extra for Mel Gibson in Braveheart.  It’s too bad, I just didn’t want to post two face painting photos in a week, even though I really liked the one today, as well.

So I had a slight touch of sadness watching her as she trudged through the rain to the car for the trek to the dance studio.  This would be her last day.  At least for now.  She’ll still take gymnastics but it sure was a joy watching her twirl and spin and learn tap dance as we viewed her class through the windows at Cal Elite.  For some reason she just didn’t want to continue.  I’m not sure why, and perhaps in time she’ll want to do it again.  We’ll encourage it.  We talked about it and didn’t want to push her to stay in ballet at this age.

I hope we did the right thing.


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