Day Twelve:

When it gets quiet during a playdate, you know they’re up to something.

Today Eva came for an extended playdate and to give mom Erin a bit of time to do some work.  We do have great neighbors like them and plus living in a town where you practically have to have a child to be admitted doesn’t hurt either when making these kind of kid exchanges for the morning or afternoon.

I was in another upstairs room and heard the typical little spats between the girls as they battled it out for Candyland supremacy.

But then it got quiet.

Hmmm.  Let’s walk down the hall and sneak a look.

Sure enough, one of them pulled out the face paints from the closet (I thought Nicki had them hidden?!) and then McGyvered a princess drinking cup  — voila — instant mess.

But I had to smile a bit on the inside too, because I  just knew that it would probably give me my image for the day.  I’m lucky, I’m able to periodically just pop in like this, make a few images and then head back to work.

A true fringe benefit about working from home.


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