Day Eleven:

Today is Sparky’s Day.

There’s been a certain little guy who’s been getting noticeably short shrift in the face time here on the blog.

So today I set out with the expressed goal of trying to make a really cool frame of the Spark.  This was my favorite from the day, but I did have a couple that almost made the blog from when he was getting his nightly bath (G rated, of course!).  He’s in one of those little infant tubs and he just kicks up a storm and splashes water and it would probably make a better video than a still (though the still isn’t bad).

But what put this on top was the tight face with an emphasis on his lips and just super sweet window light.  Tough to beat that.

I was talking with Nicki tonight at dinner about just how quickly this time has flown with the boy.

With Kate, it seemed like we were in some sort of super slo motion little time warp and the first four months seemed to take like a year.  Plus, I forgot that the little ones don’t do a whole lot but sit, sleep, giggle, winge, drink milk, crap and repeat.  Some of my favorite photos of Kate started happening around 4 months  because she started to smile and engage with us. And it only continued to get better as she grew, eventually started walking and then starting to talk.  It really does seem like ages ago and you almost forget that it was even a stage because now you see a bubbly little 4 year old so active, talkative and passionate.

And that is what makes being around Sparky so exciting as well.  I just wonder who will this little guy turn out to be?  Will he be low key, or FOS just like his older sister?

If it’s anything like what he sounds like now when he’s hungry, we’re definitely going to have our hands full.


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