Day Ten:

Now the holiday season really feels like it’s over.

This morning — too early really especially for a Sunday but that’s the deal with travel — my sister Mary and her husband Scott headed off for San Diego.  Scott to catch his flight back to Wisconsin and the cold (at the same time missing out on the Packer game — here’s hoping that he got to see the highlights on ESPN) and Mary still in CA for a seminar through Wednesday.

Between their visit now and Peggy’s visit in December which really helped make the holiday season more festive, I’m really missing not being closer to my family.   I suppose being the only son, having wanderlust, being single for so long and career-minded for all those years kind of pushes away any of those nagging feelings about missing home if they do manage to bubble up.  You just soldier on.

But when you get married and then start having kids and those kids start really loving their aunts and uncles…then the point is truly made– we’re a long way from immediate family.  (And it’s even longer and further for Nicki).

So today’s image is a bit bittersweet of the hugs good bye from a sleepy four year old (still probably in half a sugar coma from yesterday) to a favorite aunt.  She’ll miss you and Scott and we’ll miss you both, too.


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