Day Eight

Today was the first tough day one the project.  I expect there will be at least one or two more ;-).
What made it tough was not the photography — actually the photography helped pull me out of a bit of a funk — sometimes it’s  just one of those days.

So the photography helped and so did filling the blank pages of paper on the legal pad where I was writing down things that I’m working for this year.  Avoiding writing those things was the thing that was getting me down.  Thankfully the act of putting those thoughts down on paper helped me gain clarity and start to feel better.

Today’s image was made this morning at the Irvine Spectrum where Nicki was doing some shopping for the big Katie birthday bash tomorrow (any bets on what photograph will be on the blog for Day 9??).  Here Aunt Mary took Kate for a ride on the little train that travels around the mall.  Looking at it later, I half expected to see clowns pop out from the doors like you see at Fourth of July parades in the midwest.


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