Day Seven:

One week down. 51 more to go.  I don’t know about you, but this one just flew.

An interesting thing that I’ve noticed this week is that it’s really tough to just distill the day down to one photo.  Although this week might be a bit of an anomaly since I’m spending a lot of time photographing this week and I wonder if it will be this way when it gets a bit busier or we’re traveling and the number of images made drops.

Each situation will bring their own burdens, but today’s was one of having too much.

For example, my sister Mary and her husband Scott are visiting for a few days and of course I want them to feature prominently in the photo a day.  We went down to San Clemente pier this afternoon so Scott could see the Pacific and we could have a family lunch and it was just the perfect weather.  After lunch we wandered along the pier and there were some fun and graphic photos of the pigeons on the pier and then some nice landscapes.  In the span of 15 minutes though, a dramatic marine layer blanketed the area turn blue sky to gray in minutes.  It was cool.  Eerie.  I would’ve loved to have that be the photo of the day.

But then we got home and Kate started playing baseball with Uncle Scott, and Aunt Mary acting as cheerleader as our four-year-old showed off her skills.  And of course, baby brother had to watch as well.  I just thought that this photo sums up so much of the relationship between my sister and her niece and just loved this moment.

For as much as I love a powerful landscape or scenic photograph, my heart always tends to take me to a real photograph of people made in the moment. 

That’s  what I live for the most as a photographer.

Kate high-fives her Aunt Mary after sending the ball deep forcing Uncle Scott (far right) to chase down the hit.  Mary holds the baby while watching.


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