Day Six:

Yikes! It’s almost midnight and I better get my post done.  I guess I have an excuse.  My sister Mary and her husband Scott just flew in for a visit and we’ve spent all evening catching up and just kicking back after dinner and all the baths.

It’s great because it kind of extends the holiday season for us a bit, as I wasn’t able to get back to Wisconsin for Christmas.  Hmmm…Christmas in Wisconsin or Christmas in CA?  I think I’ll keep Christmas here at 70º.  I sometimes even wonder how I survived through my teen years in the midwest, given at how much of a cold wuss  I am these days.

And though I’ve got some great photos of Mary with the kids (and tomorrow I will surely add more as they spend time here and add Scott to the mix), good ole Kate takes me to almost the last frame of the day to get to the one here on the blog.

She had been at her friends’ house all day and they dressed up in Princess dresses with their faces painted (Kate was a pirate).  That’s quite a combination and when Nicki told me that’s what they were doing today, I was mad that I didn’t get over there (tied up at the office, even though I had every intention of heading over there today.  That seems to happen, and serves to remind me that if I say I’m going to go do the photo, I really need to do it.  This isn’t the only time that I hear about what I miss and for a documentary photographer that’s the toughest thing to hear because the moment will never exactly be the same).

Here’s the madame before the make up was removed during her bath.


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