Day Five:

In the past few months around 4 you could usually find me at the computer processing images or doing online research (cue the wife snickering sound now).  I might even be out on a portrait assignment, which is always the best.   To paraphrase that adage, the worst day photographing is better than the best day in a cubicle farm. Plus, in the late afternoon the light is always the best.  Morning light isn’t bad, but the hard part is getting up to see it (especially around the first of July), but there’s something that happens out west near sunset.

The blog has forced a change even in just a short few days.  And change for the best.

Now the priority is to get out there and photograph.  I’m just looking for excuses to get out and shoot.  Kind of like it was when I first started.  It’s good to feel that again.  It’s just good to know that it’s still in there.  It can be tapped.  It hasn’t gone away.

This afternoon around four I had to hustle.  Ship some film to the lab, and then get to a park where Nicki was meeting our neighbor Erin for a playdate.  Our daughters — Eva and Kate are both little madams.  Born literally a day apart, the two little sassy pants are always a treat to watch.  But today I noticed something that I had never noticed before.

I think today might have been the first day that the boy/girl dance has begun.  It seemed different than Kate with her buddies since birth.  There were two slightly older boys kicking the ball around and all of a sudden, Kate and Eva started walking right THROUGH the area where the boys were kicking.  They even started to sit down directly in the line of fire!  “Hey!  Notice me.”

Eventually they started chasing the boys or the boys started chasing them, I’m not sure which.  I think the girls actually started it.  But before they did those two were strutting their stuff…it would probably make a great little video sequence of the ritual.  From a Dad’s perspective, it was funny to watch, and even kind of funny to hear Eva shout to her Mom Erin (who didn’t hear it because my wife was nattering in her ear!) ” Moooommm!  We’re playing with strangers….but we’re having fun!”  I’m sure they’ll have a talk.


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