Day Four:

You have to love a Monday morning when the first thing you do when walking out the door is stop struck with a possible photograph.  Thanks to Kevin and Aren for getting up so early so their windows glow against the early morning sky.  Having a nearly full moon in the western sky didn’t hurt either.  Now I’m not sure if this image will make it to the final select for the day (it did not), but it was nice to having the burden of starting to make images removed for the day.  Sometimes just taking that first step (or frame, in this case) is always the hardest.

Then I promptly placed the camera down on the table and was ready to head to the gym.

But then heading out the door, I spied the pre dawn sky and noticed little hints of magenta against the bottom of the clouds.  Ohhh, that could be a nice sunrise photo.  Reminded then, I headed back in to grab the camera.  Even though I think I’m pretty good about being ready to take photographs, the blog has made me more vigilent about carrying one with me.  The great photographer Jay Maisel has a seminar in NYC and the motto of it is:  “Always carry a camera”.  It’s a great philosophy because you can only capture a photograph if you’ve got it on you.  Ideally I’d love to have a camera as small as a Canon g11, that’s a superb performer with a full frame as a Leica m6, but has autofocus.  To me that might be just the ideal OCOLOPAD rig.  (The reason I harp on full frame (24 x 36 mm) is that the size of the sensor gives a certain look and feel to the images that smaller sensor cameras simply do not.  Not that they don’t create great files, but the look isn’t like a full frame camera creates especially in the wide and normal angles.  Medium format users could make a similar claim about the normal lens on a 6 x 6 or 645 camera — there’s nothing that quite looks like THAT either.)

When I got to the gym, I kept a watchful eye on the sky.  It was still looking pretty good, the sun was still below the horizon and there were still pink and magenta colors on the clouds. I parked, grabbed the camera and began looking for context and a place to frame the photo.  I saw the Ladera crews that do the landscaping, lined up to head into their facility and the bright red glow of the truck lights made a nice counter to the colorful sky above.  I made a few images with the cars down in the lower third of the frame, and the sky above in the top 2/3rds.  Heading back the car I prepared to go to the gym when a man came up from behind and asked me what I was taking photographs of.

He was from the landscaping crew and I wondered why I was taking photographs.  I suspect he thought I was checking up on the crew.  For whom, I don’t know.  I told him I noticed the morning sky and thought it was striking and colorful and was trying to get a photograph of it.  He then realized that I was truly a photographer, shooting a sunrise photo with no other motive and headed off but just before he left, I showed him the back of the camera (a fringe benefit of digital in this case) so he could see that indeed was the case.

Throughout the day at work, I kept a watchful eye on Kate who thankfully did not wear her Cinderella dress for the fourth consecutive day (it was getting a much needed wash).  Instead, she was in her Belle dress and I enjoyed photographing her amidst the cyclone in her room as she drew, one of her favorite pastimes.

Later that day Nicki was having a play date with Nicole and Jodi and their kids and I thought it would be a nice way to end the day.  It was.  The kids, who I have photographed numerous times before, just simply had a great play time and just let me make my photographs — exactly how I like to work.  No posing but a few looking at the lens, but a really fun take.  I wish one of these had made the photo of the day, but driving home, the photo appeared.

Just before turning off to home, I spied the photo from above.  Hurriedly I parked and proceeded to make a few images of the sky.  I had never made a photograph in Ladera from this angle and even though there are power lines in the photograph, I still love the quality of light.

So the day started with amazing light and I frankly thought we were going to be cloudy most of the day, but in the end a powerful sunset was the one.


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