Day Three:

Today, the last day of the holiday break, was one of those January days that would make a winter-loathing, Midwestern boy want to move west.

Sunny, warm (especially earlier), and t-shirt weather.  Tough going when it’s -15 below zero back where I grew up (in Wisconsin).  Kate and I were able to play ball twice today — I threw the ball, she would swing her foam bat (a Christmas gift).  She’s got a great swing, especially considering she’s just 4.  And she throws well.  She’s a very physical little thing and seems to excel at sports whether it’s gymnastics, bike riding, running, throwing, kicking, or softball.  I have a hunch that over the next decade, we’re going to be attending a LOT of sporting events (as to the sport, not sure yet).

Today was another interesting day with the blog.  I found myself doing things to make images around the house that I previously had not done or even thought of doing.  Today’s photo was made hovering over the kids as they were relaxing this morning, but prior to that I made images while standing on the couch (no shoes on, Nicki, I promise!) to get a little higher angle while looking down.  I also took the camera out with me both times when we were playing ball…sometimes even making images while I was tossing the ball to Kate.  A couple were promising frames, but others didn’t make the cut.

And speaking of “the cut”, the editing process is a critical part of this project.  So far, on each of the three days I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve averaged around 250-300 images per day.  Today was fairly light, only about 240 images.  I then edited those photographs, down to my “selects” of which there were around 45.  And then from their I’m getting another set of editing eyes into the mix.  Nicki will review those selects as a slideshow because I want to see what images she reacts to.  She’s not a photographer, but has a good eye and I trust her judgment.  She’ll pick images that I might dismiss because there might be only one image of it, and it was more of a fleeting image.

I’m almost thinking that I should create a simple web gallery or slide show of all the days’ images so that you can get a sense of what I saw.  You’ll see what worked, what was a stretch, but then of course you’ll see how I try variations from previous days.  Not really The Groundhog Day scenario, but just continuing to look at things that I noticed before and then seeing how they look today.  In the three days I have done this I have not ventured too far from home and so I really notice situations that are similar from previous days.  And that’s okay, because it means that the shapes and light are lining up in a similar pattern, but they may or may not work better from one day to the next.

It’s again calling me to push beyond what I would gravitate to from a compositional standpoint.  I’m trying to notice those fleeting visceral responses that are being drawn to shapes, backlight, or patterns and then trying to create a different position, framing, to see if they work.  Plus, being limited to a single focal length offers interesting challenges.  Knowing one focal length is great because you get that innate sense of where you need to be to make the shapes line up in the composition, but you can also get stuck in a pattern…so I’m noticing when I’m repeating patterns and then trying to push further.

So far it’s been an incredible experience.  It’ll be interesting to see what my sense is on Day 300.  I really want it to still feel that way.

This image was made mid morning while Kate was parking off watching a movie, eating fruit, and Sparky was just about ready to nap.  I loved the back to back composition and the fact that I finally have an image with Spark on the blog!


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