Day Two:

It’s funny how this little blog has entered into virtually every waking moment of my life and our lives, by default.  The camera was always close at hand, but now it’s not just close it is in hand or absolutely ready to go.  And it’s funny how this blog has been really calling on my senses that notices scenes that are similar to what I’ve photographed in the past but it’s calling forth this extra effort to really be looking and trying to see in entirely new ways.  Throughout the day there were many photographs made, and some real attempts to make something out of nothing.  The effort was good but the results, not so much.

This particular image was made late in the day as I was heading out to run to Borders and Nicki was heading out with Kate and Sparky to have a quick playdate with friends.  The camera came with me (because of the blog) and just like that, three frames were made, my eye being drawn to the strong winter back light and the colorful, though sparse group of leaves that somehow have survived the recent rains on a tree next to our neighbor’s home.


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